A Big Day Out on the Gold Coast

bdo gold coast

The Big Day Out. Australia’s most iconic summer festival. It’s hot, it’s crowded, it’s expensive. Yet every year thousands of Aussies pay the price to see the somewhat decent live acts, even if it does mean they have to line up for 20 minutes to pee and get drinks or spoon hundreds of filthy randoms in a festering sweatpool of a mosh.

I myself have had a rather humourous Big Day Out history. I’ve attended every year since I was 15 (excepting 2012), and have been through it all. I’ve danced with one of the lunatics in a crazy animal suit, got my sleaze on in the boiler room, passed out at the front of a mosh pit (only to then have a giant security guard pull me out, chuck me over his shoulder and show my arse cheeks to God knows how many perverts), and in 2011, I was even kicked out due to the severity of my inebriation.

Quite scandalous, no? Quite disgusting if you ask me.

However, I can safely say I was nowhere NEAR as pathetic as the particular female I had the pleasure of catching the bus with on the way to the festival on Sunday.

Now, I live on the Gold Coast. The Gold Coast is know nationwide for its beautiful beaches, warm climate, and its trashy females. My friend and I got on the bus thinking we were perhaps dressed a little skankier than usual due to the overbearing heat, but we quickly retracted our statements as soon as we saw her. She, and her almost-equally-gross group of teenage friends, seemed to be competing for the gold medal in who could show the most skin and get the most intoxicated before they had even reached the event.

They were having fun… which is fine… good for them. I kept my judgments to myself for a while, until this loose minger whipped out a freakin Robitussin bottle (that’s right, cough medication), passed it round to her posse of baby dillos, then skulled its contents and gruggily proclaimed “Yeaaaaah baby, it’s all gone!”.

Now, pardon me but… THAT’S FUCKING RANK.

After entering the festival I did find myself surrounded by many-a scantily clad female and many-a shirtless, sweaty male, but luckily they became so frequented, I acclimatised to situation so they no longer phased me and I could finally concentrate on the music.

Firstly, I saw Grinspoon. Quite a popular Aussie rock band, they killed it live, playing rather darn well. Their older songs proving to be more popular with the crowd, and despite the oven roasting heat, ‘DCX3’ went off!!! “DEAD CAT”!!!! Childish Gambino was another standout that afternoon. Very entertaining, and quite the crowd pleaser, this set was perfect to get down and dirty too. I found myself grindin away, hard to resist the sheer fun and sexiness of his beats. I also very much enjoyed his freestyling and the finale with the removal of his shirt. Yeah Yeah Yeahs were pretty great too. Karen O proving to be as charismatic and crazy as usual.

Next, I caught the beginning of the insane Crystal Castles set, but after witnessing some technical difficulties I bailed to see Foals, and thankfully so, because they were fantastic! I was under the assumption they would be very chilled out live in concert, but no! They were electric! I found myself SO elated and couldn’t resist smiling throughout the entirety of the set.

Last, and definitely not least, I saw the band that pushed me to buy the damn ticket in the first place, Animal Collective. As a die hard AC fan, this was possibly one of the best things I have ever seen. Being absolutely smitten with their music since my teenage days, I had never seen them live before, so the fact I finally did gave me this overwhelming sense of completion. Hahaha, lame? Whatever. They blew me away. With giant glowing teeth lining the stage and swirling, rainbow visuals, the aesthetics of the set were unparalleled so far that day. It was intimate and quirky gig, due to the ever-so-popular Red Hot Chili Peppers playing at the same time on the main stage. Therefore, the few interesting indie kids who didn’t want to sweat it up with the RHCP bogans ended up at Animal Collective, and got plenty of space, an excellent view, and experienced a very un-BDO like atmosphere. It was truly excellent. The highly bizarre and trippy music seemed to flow seemlessly, and induced almost everyone into dancing like a total ‘shroom eating spazzo.

It was probably one of my favourite sets I’ve seen at Big Day Out… ever.

Yeah so, to conclude, Big Day Out 2013 was definitely worthwhile for me. I just wish I’d have encountered Miss Robitussin again, I would have liked to have heard if she made it out of the festival conscious or not. Hahaha, ewww.



Words by Liana Gow Killingbeck. Photo courtesy of Big Day Out.