Ayah Marar is a real Raver

Sponsored Post: Ayah Marar, The Raver.

If you know about dance music, you’ll know about Ayah Marar. Dubbed ‘The Queen of UK Bass’ she was born in Jordan and relocated to London at the age of 18, where she began her quest for world domination. The sassy singer recorded her first song ‘Let Me Know’ with Calvin Harris in 2004 and was the voice behind the chorus to Jack Peñate’s ‘Tonight’s Today’ and ‘Be The One’.

With a vast range of influences, from Sam Cooke to Rage Against The Machine via Prince, Ayah Marar is sure to be a name you’ll hear a lot of for the foreseeable future. “The Raver” is out now through Pilot Records with remixes from Xilent, South Central, Ray Foxx, Mutated Forms and Kenny Soufflé.