Fred Astaire Really Can Dance

Anyone that’s been following our site for a sustained length of time will be aware that we’ve been boy/girl-crushing on Fremantle four-piece, San Cisco since day one. So we’re delighted to share with you their latest cinematic treat in the form of a new film clip, Fred Astaire, taken from their self-titled debut album. It’s a toe-tapping tune and the video, which follows a group of dancers (including the always mega-cute band members themselves) as they twirl and whirl around an old town hall, is ace.

In related news, we were walking through ridiculously decadent department store, Harrods, in ridiculously posh West London the other day and San Cisco‘s music was being piped into the food halls. Which goes to show that their popularity is quickly growing around the world. That makes us very happy indeed cos we love ’em.

San Cisco are on tour in the US and Europe over the next little while. Check the tour dates here.