Brendan Maclean is Stupid


Brendan Maclean is many things. He is That-Guy-From-Twitter, a Sydney personality and radio host, soon to be ‘Great Gatsby Star’ and in his early days, backup dancer in a Nikki Webster Clip (Strawberry Kisses). In other words, he’s a ‘Sydney Someone’ who probably needs no introduction to people from that part of the world. My mum even knows who he is.

Apart from all the acting, Twitter page and the articles however, there is Brendan’s first true love, music.

Having had the luxury of knowing Mr Maclean long before there was talk of him buddying up with Baz or Supporting Darren Hayes, behind all the smoke and mirrors, the Brendan I have come to know is hardworking, earnest and at times misjudged.

Though lately, he’s just plain Stupid.

Yep, you read it right. STUPID. A downright imbecile!
Everywhere I look all I hear about and read about is Brendan and how well he is doing.
Brendan Maclean is performing at Fair Day.
Brendan Maclean has a killer remix of his single ‘Only Only’ by Caution Forces.
Brendan Maclean is raising money for a new album on pozible and doing the tour for his new single at the Famous Speigeltent in Melbourne and the Factory Theatre in Sydney.
Brendan Maclean is working with Paul Mac
Brendan Maclean could cook a crappy piece of (burnt) toast and it would get 375 retweets, websites would write articles about it and some gay boy in rural Australia would print out the Instagram photo (Amaro filter) and stick it to the inside of his wardrobe.
I can’t go on!

To quote Elaine of Seinfeld on the matter, “Yadda, yadda yadda…”

Maybe what I didn’t say before though was, I think Brendan is Stupid because… I’m jealous. There I said it!
And maybe I also didn’t mention that his new single is also called, ‘Stupid’, and that to celebrate it he is:
a) Letting people say ‘Brendan Maclean is Stupid’ (people = me)
b) Giving back to his fans who have kindly raised $15,541 of his $17,000 goal by dipping into his own pocket to produce a new videoclip.
Okay okay, NOW you have to admire the guy, considering the growing Maclean empire has been pioneered by a single gay man from the Sutherland Shire achieving against all odds… in a gold bolero Jacket.
Now, when you put it like that, maybe it does all sound pretty stupid remarkable.

You can watch Brendan’s new clip below. “‘Stupid’ is all about the disaster of falling in love with a friend, so we needed the video to be a tad bittersweet,” Brendan tells us. “First it was going to be a funeral, then everyone in the clip was going to be crancing (cry-dancing) but I think we nailed it with the final concept.” The track was produced by Paul Mac of The Dissociatives and the clip is by Brian Fairbairn and Karl Eccleston, who were asked to conceive, shoot and edit a concept in one week. You can grab it for free on bandcamp and help raise funds for Brendan’s new album here.

If anything, don’t do it for me, I’ll only get more jealous.
Do it so ‘The Shire’ can finally have something to be proud of.



Words by Jack Colwell. Brendan plays the Factory Theatre in Sydney on February 22, details can be found here.