Ultraísta Mean It When They Say “Ultra”

Cue dramatic tidal wave of amazing washing us away. Seriously what do you expect when Nigel Godrich (producer of some pretty small-time stuff, just some guys called Paul McCartney, Thom Yorke, whatever…) teams up with Joey Waronka (likewise unimpressive resume of Beck, REM and Elliot Smith – yawn).

Combine those two clearly commonplace dudes with the vocal stylings of Laura Bettinson and you have Ultraísta; who make sweet trip-pop gems where beats and bass form the track’s frontline. Meanwhile lilting vocals, synth and effects are a pleasantly distant addition.

So you thought it couldn’t get any better right? Well their video for new song Gold Dayzz throws in trippy double-vision camera work, colourful lights and Bettinson covered in glitter.

So – much – glitter. So – much – amazing.

bianca cornale
Words by Bianca Cornale.