Exclusive Walk Off The Earth stream!

We really like Gotye. His reputation of being pretty much the nicest human-being on the planet is deserved. Seriously. But, by the eight-millionth time the radio played it, even massive admirers like us were growing pretty tired of hearing That-Bloody-Song. I mean, come on, it’s not even his best tune, guys (Heart’s A Mess takes that crown).

Anyhoo, we were happy never to hear it again until, BAM, these five Canadians turn up on Youtube, all huddled around a guitar, and blow our minds with their one-take rendition of it. Amazing. 147 million views later (plus a not-to-shabby 7.5 million hits for their recent cover of Taylor Swift’s I Knew You Were Trouble, and Walk Off The Earth are set to release their third album, R.E.V.O. in the next few days.

Excitingly, we’ve got a pre-release stream of the record. If you are in Australia, then listen below. Sorry everyone else, if you can’t play the below stream, then you need to either move to Australia (it’s nice there) or just content yourself with checking out the video for the album’s lead single Red Hands, above. It’s typical of the kind of huge sing-a-long choruses you’ll find on the record.

Now, Australians, have a listen, pre-order it on iTunes in time for its release on March 22, then bloomin well get out and enjoy the Autumn sunshine.