Take a Trip With Wolf & Cub

Here’s a cracking single and video, Salao, from South Australian rock-and-rollers Wolf And Cub. Since their debut in 2006 the four-piece have moved away from their early, punchy rock-n-roll and into a smoother, more melodic, psyche state of mind. Nevertheless, the dirty bass riff and hard-hitting beats still pack a punch. Think Pond on Xanax. This is a good thing.

The corresponding video is as trippy as their sound. Directors Luke Byrne and Pat Telfer make you feel like your swimming inside a lava lamp – and at times you’re not sure if you’re seeing water, or smoke, or both, or what. There is simultaneously a lot, but not much happening. Salao almost seems like a digital drug simulator you find in the corners of the interwebs, which Mum, I swear I’ve never tried.

bianca cornale
Words by Bianca Cornale.