Susanne Sundfør live in London

Suzanne Sundfør

Susanne Sundfør is a Norwegian singer/songwriter who has achieved both critical and chart success in her own country. While recording duet Running to the Sea with Röyksopp exposed her to a larger audience, it is with this, her third album, Silicone Veil and particularly lead-off single, White Foxes, that she is sure to spread her eagle wings universally. And if her show this week at the intimate Hoxton Bar in East London was not a true testament to this prediction, then strip me of my black keys and I’ll never review again.

There is a deep soulfulness to Susanne’s music and vocals. Her stage presence is direct, stage set-up minimal and effective. Although an odd bunch to look at on stage, with her surprisingly un-fussed look, a buff euro DJ type on programming and a hyper pixie-ish keyboard player, I’m only slightly distracted, as for the next hour unravels a beautiful ball of silken musical thread.

Textured, warm, engaging and interesting music. Somewhere in between the land of Post-era Bjork and some kind of celtic folklore lies the magic ship she does ride.

Tales are told and spells are cast throughout her short set tonight. Not at all familiar with her back catalogue, one can only take in exactly what is being expressed at that very moment. With barely a word spoken, I’ve no idea what any of the tracks were called. Although, having listened to the album a few times today (purchased immediately upon returning home), I surely recognised those potent melodies. Such as the epic tides of Rome and the cinematic beauty of Can You Feel the Thunder?

This gig introduced me to an artist who will undoubtedly continue to create beautiful and insightful music. In an increasingly basic pop landscape, I can’t imagine Susanne Sundfør will connect on a mass scale, however, like me, I know there is an audience out there waiting to devour her music.

golden lady


Review by Golden Lady. You can check out Susanne’s NSFW video clip for The Silicone Veil here and catch her at Brighton’s Great Escape Festival in May.