Free Chlöe Howl EP Download

Introducing 18-year-old Chlöe Howl. Indeed, this is another post in which we showcase a teenage artist that will invariably make you feel kinda old. Sorry.

Anyway, while most of us marked turning 18 by going out and drinking our bodyweight in cider, Chlöe celebrated the landmark event by giving away her EP for free on her website. Pretty cool huh? She’s a bit Lily Allen and a bit Kate Nash with some seriously dancey beats going on in the chorus of latest single, Rumour (clip above). In it, she says “I’m just trying to work out these cards I’ve been dealt.” Seems to us like you’ve got yourself a pretty decent hand there, Chlöe.

Grab yourself a free download of the EP here. And if you like what you hear, head along to her gig at The Great Escape Festival that’s happening in Brighton in May.