Lily Cole Gets Sacrilegious

I have been staying away from the new Yeah Yeah Yeah’s offering as I think that their music is best consumed and enjoyed, (like most of my favourite past-times), in  all-out-and-mighty binge session. So I eagerly await the release of their long player,
Mosquito, to get all greedy guts over it in one go.  But, this time only I will be breaking my own stupid rule because their new video for their track Sacrilege has Lily Cole in it, and I, as well as most of the world with functioning eyes do enjoy watching the weird looking, doll faced woman on film.

In the video, Lily is caught in the middle of a town conspiracy surrounding her saucy and sacrilegious ways, (cough, town bike, cough). Poor Lily must pay for her naughty sins and get burnt on a stake.
This all happens as Karen O howls the in the backing track, and it’s that classic roaring Yeah Yeah Yeah’s sound that gets me all excited and worked up.  But that’s enough now, I promised myself just the one song, I will wait to sample the remainder of 
Mosquito when it is released on April 12.

carol bowditch
Words by Carol Bowditch.