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Remember that ubër cool, indie-goth band Ipso Facto? Comprised of four young British girls that seduced hipsters and fashion houses alike, with a flurry of Siouxsie inspired melodrama and psych pop? Well, founding member, Rosalie Cunningham, is back and has formed a similarly goth-infected yet more inspired outfit in Purson. With debut album, The Circle & the Blue Door being released on April 29th through Rise Above Records, we had a chat to Rosalie about the creative process involved on new album and all matter of magical happenings in between:

Is Purson a new idea? Or something you’d been contemplating for a while?
It’s been something I’ve been trying to do since I disbanded Ipso Facto. The idea was to create something more musically ambitious, heavier and more progressive, but it took me a couple of years to get to where it is today. There were various line-ups and names and lots of trial and error in the development of my writing style. It wasn’t until Ed joined the band with such similar ideas and direction, validating my own, that I felt we’d really nailed it.

What do you feel you took from being in former band, Ipso Facto?
It was an incredibly important experience for me to have at that young age but I didn’t feel ready for that sort of exposure musically, mentally or emotionally. I suppose I learnt that I must be completely satisfied with the music I create and its environment in order to be happy. I’m a control freak and much of what happened with that band was out of my control. I have a lot of great  memories from that time though, we certainly knew how to have fun, if nothing else!

How was it producing Purson’s album? Would you do it again?
It was hard work! I was living and breathing the thing for months but I think it needed to be that way. Like I said, I’m a control freak and I felt like I had a lot to prove. I didn’t want anyone taking it away from the point. I think I’d find it hard to give up all production duties but I definitely would like us to work with a producer next time. It’s recently becoming more of a group effort and I’ve been writing with the rest of the band occasionally so I couldn’t say how the next album will work just yet.

Was it a long build up to recording the album creatively? Or were the songs written recently?
A couple of songs from the album were written a very long time ago. Tragic Catastrophe was written while I was still in Ipso! But the bulk of them were the result of a very intense year with Ed.

Who are the bands/artists that made the biggest impact on you?
The Beatles have been the biggest musical influence on my whole life, in fact they are probably the reason I am doing this. In terms of impact I’d have to say King Crimson because they were the first prog band I fell in love with and that led me to a whole world of incredible music that I don’t think I’ll ever exhaust. David Bowie is a very important one too.

It seems the occult/psyche world has made quite the comeback, especially in fashion and music. What is it about this world that inspires you so?
The mystery and drama I suppose. It is a very expressive means that allows me to be as theatrical as I feel. The darkness is sexy too. I am always curious about and attracted to things that are bad news.

What are your reoccurring dreams, if any?
I have a few actually, one of which I have a new song about called “Blueprints Of The Dream” but they’re pretty hard to explain here. I get sleep paralysis a lot, often with recurring visuals. I wake up completely paralysed on my side with claws digging into my back, panting in my ear and someone wanking behind me. Bloody terrifying!

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