Exclusive Aluka video premiere

Space, the debut album by Melbourne experimental vocal-group Aluka was released Friday April 5th and somethingyousaid is happy to bring you an exclusive video clip, showing the making of Say, one of the songs taken from the new longplayer.

The track is a perfect illustration of the exploration in sound, storytelling, location and production that the album brings. This lot have an ongoing obsession with reverb, which led to them exploring extreme echo (in a tram depot or a giant empty room) to various levels of damp sounds: a World War II bunker, or, in this case, an indoor swimming pool (and even a true blue farmyard tractor shed – chickens included).

Elsewhere, on Vision, they removed the backs off three pianos, held down the sustain pedal and leaned close to the strings, which resonated with the notes they were singing, to create a vocal cord/piano chord collaboration.

Recorded and produced by Nick Huggins (Oscar + Martin, Kid Sam),  you can stream Space here and if you like what hits your ears then you can buy it here.

Meanwhile, here’s what Say sounds like: