Going Loco at The Slip Inn

el loco4
Somethingyousaid.com’s Carol Bowditch earned serious hipster points by attending the El Loco at Slip Inn Blogger Party, where she gobbled tacos and guzzled Margaritas.

The Slip Inn has recently joined forces with El Loco, following  the success of the Mexican foodies putting up a temporary shop at the Opera House. Now situated snuggly between Sussex Street and the massive noisy Western Distributor in Sydney’s CBD is the lovely little courtyard whose perimeter is enclosed with shrubbery and great muraled walls, that helps keep the nastyness of traffic congestion and stuffy offices away, as you enjoy a drink or nibble on Mexican cuisine.

We we were greeted with a refreshing (and healthy!) Loco Rojo Margurita (a beetroot, lime and pomegranate concoction) and a “secret taco”. After living in China for a year I am unfazed by an offering of a mystery meat meal, and willingly chowed down on this neat package of deliciousness. Other food stuffs that we sampled were the Breakfast Taco and the Baja Fish Taco (that prompted the “how does everyone feel about fish tacos?” debate). The first was a bit of a weird combination for me, but the fish was glorious and remains to be my favourite taco variation.

Our main meals were Bbq Chicken and the Roasted Pork Belly, both hearty and bountiful in flavour. I did however, get major food envy as the Loco Salad, a mighty pile of colours and textures, covered in cheese was set down beside me. The portion of chicken that I was served was far too much for me (I foolishly filled up on tacos, nachos and “crack fries” before the mains were even suggested), but I gobbled up most of the succulent, tender meat that was cased in lovely herbed, scourched flesh and paired with a yummy fennel salad and rice. Being the greedy guts/socially inept person that I am, I stole a bite of my friend’s pork. The crackling was so perfect, the meat tender, and the portion was incredibly generous as well.
While we ate we drank Laguritas, a hoppy cocktail of tequila mixed with Corona; a strangely delicious combination that was finished with a portion of lime. A few more of these in us and we would be rolling round on the floor. Wanting to sample all that was on offer, we also tried the Passionfruit Batida. It was not as adventurous but with the half-cheek of passionfruit placed on top, was perfectly fresh and went down a treat.

We completed the feast with our bellies reaching full capacity, with churros. I have in the past been made fun of for my love of these fluffy light sticks of doughnut glory, so I held back and only had a small bite. It was definitely a nice way to end an evening of consisting of sour based cocktails with a punch of sweetness.

For opening hours, address and, most importantly, menus, go here.



Words and picture by Carol Bowditch.