Hand Games First Birthday


The words “Hand Games” can evoke memories of sticky, playground children slapping at each other and screeching “down on the banks of the hanky-panky!” But now, in relative maturity, we’re referring to party throwers/mixtape makers/management whiz-kids Hand Games. And these guys have been celebrating their first birthday!

We swapped roll-ups for champagne bottles to toast this grown-up party-tour, which kicked off at Sydney’s Goodgod Small Club last week. The Hand Games crew roped in No Zu, Holy Balm, Oisima, MC Gaff E, Nakagin and PELVIS to keep the beats going into the wee hours.  The night’s highlight was Holy Balm, proving that so much drum-machine is never enough drum-machine. They kicked it old school with 80’s nostalgiac droning melodica, inducing wriggling bodies of the trendy bourgeois. These were later put to the test with a PELVIS dance-off, the winner taking home a complimentary bar tab. Such a prize makes us wish we had stuck with elementary school jazz classes – but alas… As for MC Gaff E  (pictured above), I applaud though I do not understand. As a spectacle, her colour explosion of 90’s hip hop electronica was one to behold. However monotonic rap is something I can only withstand in small doses, and MC Gaff E does nothing on a small scale.

Hand Games parties are rife with intense beats and intense boogying. And if that tickles your fancy you’re in luck – they have two more lined up for Brisbane and Melbourne. So meet us down at the handball courts, prepare to trade some Pokemon cards, and let’s all get psyched for Hand Games!

The Hand Games hit Brisbane on April 19 then heads down to Melbourne April 20. Check out their Facebook for more details about these parties, and their all round awesomeness. 

bianca cornale
Words by Bianca Cornale