Azealia Banks – Yung Rapunxel

When Azealia Banks delivers a new offering, we pay attention. After all, with Azealia you can be pretty certain you’re gonna get something mind-melting. Remember the first time you heard 212 and it made you feel simultaneously sexy and confused-as-all-hell (wait… who is licking whose plum and who is getting ruined)? Or when she dropped that insane video which looked like she just vomited the whole of Tumblr?

Well, here’s her latest song and video, Yung Rapunxel. Taken from her upcoming – and hugely awaited – debut longplayer, Broke With Expensive Taste, the clip is another journey into her dark imagination. Mouths for eyes? Fighting the cops? Creepy owls with mad eyes flying out of her forehead? Oh, and a typically sick, excitingly aggressive track, of course. Yup, Azealia Banks just keeps on ticking boxes.

bobby townsend


Words by Bobby Townsend. You can catch Azealia at this year’s Glastonbury Festival.