Enjoy ale with Quiet Deeds

Screen Shot 2013-04-13 at 12.15.01 PM.pngIn order to fund our gloriously international lifestyle here at somethingyousaid.com we can sometimes feel the pinch of the penny, and will welcome anything that comes our way for free, especially when there is booze involved. So when a four-pack of beer in bright packaging is delivered to our door on a Friday afternoon that otherwise involves a zillion emails to trawl through, you can understand how happy we would be. We were even happier on that balmy eve after the first sip of bottle number one.

Quiet Deeds isn’t an ale to be gussled or used to get pissed. Moderate, people! It’s light and refreshing and deliciously hoppy, but the taste is not overloaded. There are some yummy hints of citrus in there too. When you get to the last sip you savour it, not slug it down as you crack open your third or fourth.

They don’t fuss about with boastful stories about heritage or tradition, Quiet Deeds simply relies on its truly good taste. And this has not gone unnoticed, as they have recently been named People’s Choice for Best Pale Ale at the Micro Breweries event that was held not long ago in Sydney.

So do yourself a favour, head to a quality bottlo and pick yourself up a four pack of great Australian beer.