San Cisco are making waves overseas

san cisco

Here at Something You Said, we’ve been kinda in love with Australian band San Cisco and their catchy indie-pop since the beginning of time. We’ve seen them grow from packing out little venues like Sydney’s Spectrum to dominating massive festival crowds across their homeland. We had a quick chat with them ahead of their upcoming dates around Britain with Darwin Deez.

Hello San Cisco! You’re back in the UK soon with Darwin Deez. How did your recent tour of Britain treat you?
Great! It was really exciting to see people coming to our own shows.

What were the standout moments for you?
Had a great gig in London. We were all really tired from touring and it was a really morale booster.

You’d been touring on this side of the world for a while before popping home lately. What do you miss about Australia while you are away?
So much! The non-depressing weather, the beach, local pubs, riding up the coast, not being in the city, I could list for hours!

Do you think that, as a band, you would ever relocate to Europe or America permanently?
Only for absolutely necessary touring reasons. Not just for fun.

Once your US/UK tours are over, what else do you have planned for 2013? Will you have the opportunity to start working on some new material or will you continue to tour this record for the rest of the year?
It’s looking like pretty heavy touring. But lots of ideas are being thrown around while we’re on tour.

How have you found overseas audiences in comparison to Aussie ones?
Smaller. Well, it’s kind of like starting again. There are different singles in different regions of the world so some songs that are popular in the UK, America doesn’t know yet and Australia is the only region that has the full album. But we’ve had good and bad gigs all over.

One of Something You Said’s best mates, Isabella from The Preatures, joined you onstage at Homebake in Sydney when Scarlett lost her voice. Have your European/US tours led to other such musical collaborations?
Not yet! However there was some serious team effort involved when Jordi and Freddie went stage diving in San Francisco.

Finally, tell us something we’d be surprised to learn about San Cisco… 
We all suffer from a rare and crippling bone disease that is only prevalent in the south west of Western Australia. Thats not true, but anyone would be surprised to hear that.




Interview by Bobby Townsend. Keep up to date with San Cisco at their Facebook page.