Ghostpoet has a Meltdown

So, Ghostpoet’s releasing a new record. This excites me greatly because, ever since his fateful performance at música festival in Sydney2011, when I devoured a funky brownie and the sun was a-shining, I kinda really fell for the man and his music and it lasted for way longer than whatever was in that brownie.

Anyway, in the new track Meltdown, which will be included on his sophomore record, he sings along with some pretty female accompaniment. It’s a bit more romantic and melancholy than the sometimes angsty, upbeat tracks off his last release, but it’s still exciting that he is back at it and I can’t wait to hear what else he has to offer on the new long-player.

The record, tongue-twistingly entitled Some Say I So I Say Light, is set to come out on May 6.

Words by Carol Bowditch.