Interview: Getting To Know Aleesha Dibbs

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Recently, we brought you music from Aleesha Dibbs. So positive was the response that it became instantly clear you wanted to know more about the beautiful Sydney songbird. As always, your wish is our command. Here she is, in her own words:

I am a malcontent gypsy with a tendency to be slightly neurotic and obsessive when it comes to creative pursuits.
A soon to be graduated journalist (the incredibly long-winded university stint).
A singer/songwriter/keys player/session player.
And, an eternal over-analyser.

My debut album is a collaboration of forces and friendship: the amazing Domeyko/Gonzalez industrial renegades (guitar/electronics) Jono Edmonds, formerly of Pets with Pets, (drums) Shane Fahey (Scattered Order) and Sam Vine in the production and engineering quarters all came together to create something that I had no idea would be such an extensive and intensive wild/painful and yes, enjoyable journey.

It’s called AFLOAT and in the fine print has been inspired by predominantly existential ideas and themes, which is probably why all the songs turned out so damn dark. I wanted to create a sound that was tough, masculine even, but still held ethereal, otherworldly qualities.

A few of the songs are tracks I wrote for Arkestra; a band from around two years ago I played in with James Domeyko and Jasper Clifford Smith (Warhorse, White Ox, Sick Python). James and Jasper were kind enough to let the songs live on after Arkestra became defunct.

I’m currently listening to The Oh Sees, The Go Betweens, Stereolab & Nine Inch Nails.

I spend too much time thinking.

Sydney is gloss and shine and sun and money and overpriced egg-based tarts. It’s also got grime and dirt and a tight-knit creative community that keeps kicking despite the frequent closing of venues. Despite frequent relocations I always seem to end up back here, which thus, makes it home it seems, whether I like it or not.

It might surprise people to learn that I have a large assortment of fishing trophies.

In the future, men and women will be cyborgs and maybe we will oversee an apocalypse. Also I’ll be playing some shows and releasing videos!

bobby townsend


Interview by Bobby Townsend. You can follow Aleesha Dibbs on Facebook.