Birds of Tokyo and someone familiar

When the new Birds of Tokyo video dropped this week, we thought, ‘hmmmm, that face looks mighty familiar.’ Indeed, a closer inspection confirmed that, yes, the lady smashing seven shades of shit out of that car windscreen is indeed former Something You Said interviewee, Noni Cragg. Being big fans of Noni’s brilliant artwork, we thought we’d catch up with her and find out more about her involvement in this clip.

“The video took three days to shoot and filming it was a lot of fun,” she told us. “It was quite physical though! We got to smash furniture and destroy a car. I particularly enjoyed standing on the roof of the car and smashing the back windscreen in with a metal baseball bat! Everyone ended up bruised and very sore due to our enthusiasm for destruction.”

While it’s not Noni’s first appearance in a music video, it’s been quite a hiatus. “The last time, I was three and had Vegemite smeared all over my face while I ran around like a pest in the background for a band called The Prickles. Haha! I have however done a little bit of acting and would love to continue doing so if I can.”

As well as being an aspiring actress, Noni’s art is fuckin ace. You really ought to check out her artwork as well as our interview with her. You can do so here.

bobby townsend


Words by Bobby Townsend. If you’re a Tumblr kinda person, then follow Noni Cragg here.