Revisiting: Daft Punk’s awesomeness

So people, let’s get educated about new cultural capital of Australia, Wee Waa! Yep you heard me, a nonsensical, two-syllable noise of a town, somewhere north-west of Sydney is playing host to one of the most hyped gigs of the year. Daft Punk are set to host the global launch their new record, Random Access Memories, after an eight-year musical hibernation, at the 79th Annual Wee Waa festival. This time, the festival is themed “The Year of Water”, lets hope the punks don’t short circut…

So with all of the hoopla going down in Wee Waa, we think that we should reintroduce you to the tracks that would make us consider travelling to rural New South Wales to potentially robot rock-out with those mysterious Frenchmen.

Around The World – Homework (1997)

When I’m pretending to be a robot (which is surprisingly often) this track automatically plays in my brain. Also, “it’s a Gondry“.

One More Time – Discovery (2001)

Most memorable video of my childhood. Most played at any birthday/New Years Eve or generic time of YOLO.

Robot Rock – Human After All (2005)

In the future, all rockstars will be robots and it will look like an 80’s heavy metal videoclip. I promise.

Rollin’ & Scratchin’ – Homework (1997)

Easily missed within Daft Punk’s large poppy back-catelogue, this track is so balsy with aggressive, pummeling beats, I love the screechy bit at the end where it gets crazy.

And finally, that track off the forthcoming Daft Punk album that I can’t seem to avoid in any public space at the moment.

Get Lucky – Random Access Memories (2013)

The party goes down on May 17. If you don’t make it to Wee Waa the album is set to be released May 21.

Words by Carol Bowditch.