The Knits Join The Sydney Garage Family

There are few styles which can blend maniacal euphoria and soul-destroying melancholy in the one form of expression. Those involved in Sydney’s garage movement can pull-off this rare mismatch.

From of this shouty/big muffed renaissance come The Knits, and last year’s self-titled debut EP is full of these fantastic contradictions. Sweet props to the Sydney dudes for keeping this dysfunctional family growing.

Recorded and produced with punk aficionado Owen Penglis of Straight Arrows, The Knits contribute nicely to the din currently emitting from Old Sydney Town. Do Ya, the first track off this release combines lots of shouting and also a saxophone solo. If that’s not enough to get you intrigued, go take a peek at their stuff.

You can find The Knits on Facebook here.

bianca cornale
Words by Bianca Cornale.