Soulland x Babar Collaboration

shirtGrowing up with two sisters and a father that thought a Mambo tee-shirt was the height of fashion, I was not overly-exposed to mens clothing. Nowadays, my partner appreciates designer clothing but has more of a penchant for finding second-hand gems at our local vintage haunts.

So, my exploration into designer menswear is new and exciting, I think it would be far easier to dress as a male with the incredible sartorial offerings that I have found late at night online.

In particular, the new collection by Soulland definitely tickles the fancy of my inner boy. The menswear label from Denmark, have borrowed designs from Jean de Brunhoff’s cartoon Babar for their latest collection.

I dig the minimalism of the range. Think basic white tees and mid shorts, all decorated with clean line illustrations of the dapper elephant we watched every afternoon after school when we were nine.

Check out Soulland’s threads here and pick up yourself a nostalgic item from the Babar collection here.



Words by Carol Bowditch