The Money Go Round Extend Summer

To quote Game Of Thrones (something I do with alarming regularity) “Winter is coming”. However, The Money Go Round apparently didn’t receive the memo; instead releasing their newest track Endless Sun. The Sydney outfit contribute to the resurgence of late-sixties inspired psychedelia, currently rolling all around the radio waves. With scuzzy guitars, pretty harmonies and plenty of reverb goodness – these guys hit the nail on the musical head.

Following up from the attention-grabbing YAYAYA, Endless Sun is a breezy, sun-glazed tune to get those in the northern part of the world enthusiastic for short-sleeves and cut-off denim. For us down south, it’s a sad reminder to rug up and wait for December. This video is a celebration of summer nostalgia, complete with pretty girls, parties, road trips and beach hangs. And as we sit wrapped in electric blankets and woolly socks, it’s an idyllic retrospective on summers past.

bianca cornale
Words by Bianca Cornale.