The Jones Rival Party Old School

Sydney goodtimes band The Jones Rival have dropped their newest single Jumpin’ Frog. And though only the second release from the rocking and rolling five-piece, it proves they know how to craft a nifty song or two.

It’s puritanical retro guitar, howling and yowling vocals, and just good old fashioned fun. It reminds you of a chart song in the early-seventies; back when chart songs were also good songs.

The Jones Rival have been rolling their party wagon around Sydney for the last few years, inspiring hair-flailing enthusiasm from otherwise stoic patrons. Theirs is a blend of devil-may-care rock and roll combined with careful craftsmanship.

Hot onto the interwebs comes Jones Rival’s new track Jumpin’ Frog. It follows the charmingly seedy Tell You Again. You can chow down on Jones Rival’s tunes at their soundcloud page.

bianca cornale
Words by Bianca Cornale