Is Tropical try to find a light bulb

is tropical-001Is Tropical are a three-piece hailing from London. Formed in 2009, they’ve already garnered an impressive following, and touring with Klaxons, The Big Pink and Egyptian Hiphop has sealed their place on the neon Indie/Dance floor. Not to mention holding the world title for most unassumingly racy and indescribable music videos, especially with latest clip, Dancing Anymore (really though… how would you describe that to someone??).

Soon to release their second album I’m Leaving, out later this month on Kitsuné, we manage to grab a few minutes with the lads to discuss touring, recording and dream collaborations.

As a band, you’ve seen quite a few collaborations thus far, LEXXX, Megaforce and artists Get People, Visions, Drugzndreamz. Who would be the ultimate dream collaboration?
The other night we ended up having dinner with one part of Daft Punk and we spoke about their collaboration with Julian Casablancas. I wish we could have been a fly on the wall for that, being two massive heroes of ours! But working with friends is always good! Megaforce, Get People, Visions and Drugzndreamz are all inspiring forces.

With your second full-length album I’m Leaving soon to be released, what would you say are the underlying themes?
We wrote demo that featured death in them a lot without releasing, now the album’s finished, I don’t know how much of a morbid feel it has. Definitely Yellow Teeth and Leave The Party, also the album title…

How involved was Luke Smith in the recording? A hands-on producer or more of a guiding light?
Luke dissected all the demos and threw away a lot of what we had. He made us replay him the tracks as ‘busker versions’ and built them again from scratch. We really respected Luke and basically wanted him the take the steering wheel. Unlike the first album that we self-produced with a great engineer.

Clearly, your videos are an integral part of the band’s persona. How involved are you? And at what point during the musical process are you imagining these visual spectacles?
We do everything in-house when it comes to art and press shot ideas. As for the videos we’re really lucky to have friends like [Parisian directors] Megaforce where we can give them a track and say ‘go wild!’ Music videos are a great way the two art forms can meet.

Having recently seen the video for Dancing Anymore, I’m sure my reaction was similar to that of most viewers, enraptured, delighted, confused and minorly shocked. Is there an underlying message in the video? Or shall we just take it for what it is?
Thats a question for Megaforce… I was surprised when my mum posted it on Facebook though, haha.

You’ve been a pretty busy band since forming in 2009. Would you say having toured with artists like Klaxons, The Big Pink etc, has made an impact on the band’s sound right now?
Not so much musically but lifestyle, yes. You kind of join an extended family when being in a band. You’re sometimes very close with another group for months and then you won’t see them again until a year later at a random festival on the other side of the globe. Lots of romance happens between artists on the road. Mentally and physically.

What’s your reoccurring dream?
Trying to find the right lightbulb in Ikea… Always getting home with the wrong one.

golden lady


Interview by Golden Lady. Is Tropical’s album comes out on May 20th. In the meantime, check out the clip for Dancing Anymore.