Lorde, The Young Anti-Royal

Carol Bowditch finger-snaps along with New Zealand’s latest musical export. 

As a sixteen-year-old growing up in the leafy northern suburbs of Sydney, my greatest aspirations were pretty dull. I didn’t want to fail my learner driving test (again), and wanted to find a formal dress that didn’t make me look like a total frumpy mess (success of this was questionable). At that age I thought the only person that was allowed to have grillz was Nelly, or Chingy, and my alcoholic beverage of choice were five dollar bottles of fizzy wine.

I guess my teenage age years were a little different to those of today’s rascals. Lorde, a sixteen-year-old from New Zealand (with a very impressive mop of curls) fantasises in her track Royals of Grey Goose, jet planes and gold chains, but, that kind of luxe just ain’t for her. The track is super catchy with her accapella vocals and finger snaps, so much so that you’ll be singing about being a high class baller for hours post-listen.

Words by Carol Bowditch