Simone Kerr’s Balletto Body

Simone5 chats to Simone Kerr about her exciting new ballet/clothing project, her current favourite records and her hidden culinary skills:

Hello Simone, thanks for taking the time to talk to us. Tell us a little bit about yourself…
Not a problem, thank you for having me! Well, I am an Australian model, ballet dancer, uni student, small business owner and dance wear designer! I also have a cat, his name is Thunderstruck.

How did you get into modelling? Is being in front of the camera something that has always come naturally for you?
I got into modelling when my mum entered me into Perth’s Search For a City Face competition when I was in year 11. And as they say the rest is history! Being in front of the camera didn’t come naturally, it’s a learned skill I think. Everyone finds their own style and what works for them eventually.

Aside from modelling, what are your interests and passions?
I am also a dancer. I have danced my entire life, ballet mostly. It is my passion and I’m so fortunate that I get indulge that passion on a daily basis.

simone4Where does your love of ballet come from and how long have you been doing it?
I’m not sure where it comes from because I definitely don’t have the natural facilities of a dancer because of my height, but I’ve been dancing as long as I can remember and I’m happiest when I’m being spun around and thrown into the air!

Presumably ballet is the perfect way to remain in shape for your modelling work, but it’s quite a demanding discipline. Is it hard to find the time to practice ballet in between working?
At the moment I’m taking somewhat of a hiatus from modelling to finish my university degree and so having a more rigid timetable means I can take class every morning at the Conservatoire and then attend class in the afternoon. I’m not heading out to the airport and off somewhere random every few days like I used to. At least not until I graduate 🙂

Tell us about Balletto Body Dance Wear…
Balletto Body is my new dance wear label. It’s comprised of one and two piece leotards that can be worn by dancers, gym junkies, yoga bunnies, zumba fanatics, any one! It’s also great body wear for the beach, wearing under jean short cut-offs and whatnot.

Where can people purchase Balletto Body items?
My online shop is here. And please like the Balletto Body Facebook page for updates 🙂

What music is currently on your stereo?
Currently I am listening to Muse’s new song, Madness, Needle by Born Ruffians, Room For Rent by Seth Sentry and Diane Young by Vampire Weekend.

Finally, tell us something we might be surprised to learn about you…
I am a principle dancer in the July season of Cats in Perth. And I make amazing nachos.

You can get shopping at Balletto Body’s online store here

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Interview by Bobby Townsend.