Maker are giving you devotion

Brighton band Maker have unleashed into the world their excellent debut single, Devotion, accompanied by a somewhat nsfw video clip. We asked Maker’s singer Lana McDonagh to tell us more:

The song is about a hopeless ‘devotion’ between a couple who live together and around each other but not with each other. Separate lives lived together. The only thing bonding them and the only time they come together as one entity is during sex – which is just another claustrophobic element of a doomed relationship.

The band are always heavily involved with the formulation and making of our videos (we directed and filmed our first video to Missing in Danny’s hometown, using his nephew and niece on an iPhone) as we consider the visual element of music just as important and enjoyable as the auditory. Usually when we listen to a song we have written we translate it visually – the song will provoke a sequence of images.

In this case we had come up with the concept for the video, the location and the actors we thought would be suitable to convey not only the subtle emotion but the intimate scenes in which they are both, rather oxymoronically, intimate and distant at the same time. Sometimes you are never more alone then when you are in company…

Quite serendipitously, we were approached by Brighton based director Laurence Dean who was interested in working with us. He totally got the idea and the message we wanted to convey in the video. He assembled a small team consisting of himself, DOP: Steve Glashier and Editor Joseph Rodrigues Marsh and they made our concept a reality. They are a team we are now planning many a collaboration with.

We feel EXCITED about the release of Devotion. It is exhilarating to put your ideas out there and see how people respond to it.

Words by Lana McDonagh. To keep up to date with Maker, follow them on Facebook.