Lister + Prizm decorate CWLG

6 lister draws tatt

Oliver Health observes the creative unity between artist, Antony Lister and Chicks Who Love Gun’s frontman, Cass as he searches for the perfect panther tatt.  

Cass from Sydney-based band Chicks Who Love Guns has been bugging me for a while to find a picture of a “Lister Panther” he had seen, to get it tattooed on his leg. It all started when I included a CWLG song on a video of Lister painting in LA. I got  Lister’s blessing, but we had no luck finding the particular cat. I scanned through images online, asked others who knew his work, peeked into his sketch books, but no dice.

When Prizm came into town to do some custom Lister tatts, Cass got his chance to get the panther drawn straight onto his leg by the Lister himself. He was stoked.

I popped in on the day to see it happen and was surprised to find a unexcited Cass. He was about to get a tatt he wasn’t into, but wasn’t speaking up out of respect for Mr Lister.

1 Cass isn't happy

It was sweet, but it was not the panther he imagined

2 cass doesn't like this tatt

Cass was really bummed

3 cass really isn't happy

He finally spoke up. Lister stared him out for a while.

4 lister thinks about it

Prizm shed a tear.

5 Prizm Cries

Lister started again, and said it was this or nothing.

6 lister draws tatt

Cass was stoked with the new tatt design.

7 cass is happy

It was a Lister skull.

8 Cass good tatt outline

Prizm Inked it in.

9 Cass Good Tattoo progress

Anthony Lister sang us out… The people rejoiced.

10 lister sings us out

Here it is!

11 finished tatt

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oliver heath
Words and pictures by Oliver Heath