Visions & Lights from the Graveyard

Become acquainted with the wonder of Buzz Kull, from Sydney. The trio create hypnotic, droning, drum-machine infused goodness. They also make some sweet videos to accompany their hypnotic, droning, drum-machine infused goodness. The most recent of which is for Visions & Lights.

Filmed at an iconic Bondi cemetery, there’s an eeriness to the sunny beach scenery, and a joy to the bleak graveyard. Mixed throughout is a trippy mirror effect, the uniformly monochrome Buzz Kull and their ace tune. The whole deal was directed, shot and edited by filmmaker Daniel Havas who does justice to this fucking good song.

Visions & Lights has a subtle optimism to it, despite (or maybe because of) it’s being hypnotic, droning and thoroughly drum-machine-infused. Press repeat and get on with it.

bianca cornale
Words by Bianca Cornale.