Mr Andy Bull’s Melancholic Pop

For a little while the androgynous, melancholic pop of Mr Andy Bull was absent from our radiowaves. But he’s back with a vengeance, bringing his new track, Keep On Running, with him. Catapulted into high rotation, and now with a clip to match, the song has a dark and crunchy synth, sharp drums and a subtle honky-tonk piano accompaniment.

The video depicts the golden nostalgia of the seventies, but instead is stark, detached and monotonous. It’s yesteryear without the lomo lens, without the rose-tinted glasses. And if you’re wondering why the video’s locale seems oddly sinister, it was filmed inside Double Bay’s abandoned Ritz-Carlton – where INXS’s Michael Hutchinson was found dead (cue goosebumps).

Bull has been self-producing his own album, but to celebrate Keep On Running’s success he’s playing dates in most major Australian cities.

bianca cornale
Words by Bianca Cornale.