Yo-Landi Vi$$er Does it Again

It’s not like we should really be warning you, this video is very NSFW,  but, we wouldn’t expect an average, boring music video from Yo-Landi-fookin’-Vi$$er of Die Antwoord would we?

Cookie Thumper has Yolandi pissing, stroking her erm, pussy, and getting done from behind; she’s an orphan gone off the rails aided by her gangsta man-friend, Anies, who is fresh from a stint in jail.

The music of Die Antwoord has never really done it for me, I find it kind of difficult to enjoy due to it’s aggressively over-the-top nature music wise, and all that yelling in Afrikaans. But, if they continue to produce controversial, well shot videos like Cookie Thumper, I will continue to follow what the band has to offer.

Words by Carol Bowditch