All eyes on the Ghostly Collection


We like to have you looking your finest here at We give you the heads-up on interesting fashions and we provide denim options that make your bum look oh-so-nice, but sometimes we put too much focus on this kind of garb and end up neglecting our faces. This is where we introduce the new collaboration from Ghostly and Warby Parker, which, we feel, would be perfect for decorating your mug.

Ghostly International is a company with a passion for creative invention, and strong belief that collaboration is key in keeping possibilities endless for the brand and its various products. Their most recent collaboration with Warby Parker, a socially conscious eye-wear brand, has birthed a musically-inspired range, called the Ghostly Collection, complete with a set of frames dedicated to the one and only Ian Curtis. The Curtis is a semi-translusent set of frames in a melancholic grey hue.

From the range, we also like the Revolver in black. It has clean lines and boxy bridge and it’s not fussy in design.

But the more the merrier seems to be the case within this range as all glasses purchased come with a pretty lens cloth designed by Michael Cina, (cue much unnecessary cleaning just to show this thing off). Oh and in addition, just like all of their existing collections, for every pair sold, they are going to distribute a pair to someone in need through their non-profit partners.

Check out the Warby Parker/Ghostly collection here.

Words by Carol Bowditch