Kirin J Callinan – Victoria M

We make little secret of our adoration of Kirin J Callinan here at Already this year we’ve interviewed him, reviewed his live show and his debut album and featured his video clips. So we were thinking, maybe we should have a bit of a break from bombarding you with all things Kirin-shaped. Only problem with that is, he keeps on putting out stuff that is TOTALLY AWESOME and that we can’t not share with you.

So it is with little apology that we offer you his latest video for “Victoria M.” taken from his album, “Embracism”.┬áIt’s hard to put this into words really, other than Kirin looks pretty damn hot as a lady. So just watch it and await our next post about him which will inevitably appear in about two days’ time.

Embracism is out now via Siberia Records / Remote Control.