Baby Strange are your new friend is currently in Glasgow for a 90th birthday party (true story, rock’n’roll hey?), so we consider it only fitting that we feature one of the fine city’s most up-n-coming bands. Baby Strange are made up of Johnny Madden (guitar), Connaire McCann (drums) and Aidan McCann (bass) and they have a punky-grunge sound which is pretty damn exhilarating.

Following the release of their debut single ‘Pure Evil’ back in May, the band have built up a burgeoning fanbase courtesy of their full-on live shows both in Scotland and London, including a handful of gigs with (self-confessed) fans Palma Violets.

This three-piece is definitely one to keep an eye on. You can do so on Facebook. ‘Friend’ is released via Chess Club September 9th.