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As we’ve only mentioned about a gazillion times lately, it’s’s first birthday this week. Hooray! As Bianca Cornale explains, we haven’t merely created great content over the last year, we’ve helped forge epic friendships too:

The best thing to come out of Something You Said, by Bianca Cornale

Oliver Heath and I (pictured above) surprisingly hadn’t met until the joint realisation in a queue for Hungry Jacks [that’s Burger King, non-Australian readers] that we both wrote for We had come close, mind you, often crossing paths but never actually meeting. This included my appearance at his 33rd birthday wherein I drank a bottle of his wine and stayed until 6am – all two months before we actually spoke.

Since then I’ve come to regard the cowboy/sheriff as a rad friend and a great party buddy. Amongst such notable partying was the time I appeared at his apartment door, while he was trying to work, cheap vodka and two babes in tow. After we got him four drinks deep he was too tipsy to continue productivity and joined me at a bar downstairs until an ungodly hour of the morning. Though I’m glad we’re friends sometimes I worry that I’m a bad influence.

There was also the time we graced a party of over two hundred attendees and found an intact braid of mid-length hair behind a couch. And the time myself and my drunk bestie tried to convince him to throw us a party, that night, complete with blanket forts and wine. Five minutes later I got hit by a car – well, the car got hit by me, as I stumbled three metres backwards into it.

I have also found a friend to give me honest advice on my disastrous writing and my disastrous love-life and my disastrous “career” choices. And I’ve tried to give him advice back, sometimes resulting in unrelenting text arguments – such as the time we fought fiercely about who could withstand the hottest chilli due to his Taco Quest article. I hate chilli, I can’t eat chilli. This is a public announcement Oliver; please don’t make me prove my non-existent chilli tolerance, because I lied to win in a battle of wills.

There has been crying (mostly mine) and drunk snapchats (mostly his) and all kinds of debauched revelry. And if I convincingly lie to our real estate agent about how we have stable jobs and healthy lifestyles (lol) we’re even planning on living together very soon.

I’m sure Oliver and I would have met at some point if it weren’t for But maybe we wouldn’t be as tight as we are. Maybe we wouldn’t be friends at all. That’s a scary thought, because this guy’s fucking awesome and I’m pretty glad we’re buds. So cheers you screaming, crying one year old You’ve given me a great pal.

bianca cornale


Words by Bianca Cornale. Main picture of Bianca and Oliver by Daniel Corboy. There’s still time to enter Something You Said’s birthday giveaway and win some albums. Find out more here