Julia Stone sends us some birthday love



Having met our Editor Bobby while he was reviewing Big Day Out in Sydney a few years ago, Australian singer/songwriter and all-round beautiful human-being, Julia Stone, has always been a great friend to Something You Said.

We dearly love Julia and her music here at Something You Said, and were so happy to receive the following greeting from her on the eve of our website’s first birthday that we thought we’d share it with you.


A birthday message, from Julia Stone.

I looked across through the painkillers and other things and saw a man writing words on a page.

Not something you see much of these days.
I decided he would be my friend.
I told him so. I stretched out my hand and said,
‘I think we should be best friends.’

And so it was. Bobby. A man of words. Our whole life together minus a few late-night dinners in random cities where we both find ourselves, has been over this form of communication. Words words and pictures pictures. So it’s only right that on the birthday of his word paradise – an oasis he has built for all to enjoy amongst the madness of the online landscape – that i am writing a message of congratulations!!
Happy Birthday to Something You Said and to Bobby.

Friends of mine, through the lines and spaces around the lines that make up words.



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