Britany Nola in NYC – Photo Gallery

Britany 15

On the week of Something You Said’s first birthday celebrations, we consider it only fitting that we feature New York-based model and actress, Britany Nola. Britany has written for the site, we’ve interviewed her a couple of times and we recently made a video together. You can see it here. Indeed, three of the all-time top-ten most-read articles on our site are Nola-related. So, considering how she’s so popular with you guys, we figured with bring you some more of her.

During our time spent in Manhattan making our little movie, we also took the opportunity to let her loose on our wardrobe for a photoshoot. Have a look below at Britany making our clothes look a damn sight better than we do. Photos by Bobby Townsend.

Britany 1 Britany 28 Britany 25 Britany 13Britany 23 Britany 8 Britany 5 Britany 24 Britany 4Britany 10 Britany 14 Britany 27 Britany 7 Britany 3 Britany 29Britany 2 Britany 18 Britany 16Britany 6 Britany 20

Photographs by Bobby Townsend. If you like this, then why not watch Bobby and Britany’s video interview. And for more content like this and more Britany Nola, be sure to follow on Facebook.