Have a Bite, Birthday Blog!

cake 3

Somethingyousaid.com’s newest recruit, actress/model Jessamine Kelley, made us a birthday cake!

On Sunday, John (my boyfriend) took me up to his hometown in Connecticut to run a 5K race for his friend’s memorial scholarship fund. Although I was dedicated to the cause, I was dreading running after hearing stories about people literally throwing up and fainting and crying… and peeing in their pants.

cake 1Nevertheless, like a true sport, I put on my running shoes and lined up with the rest of the suckers. Sure enough, it sucked, but instead of taking 40 minutes to go up and down steep hills in the heavy summer air as I had predicted, I ran it in 27! Although the winner ran it in a freakish 17 minutes, I was quite proud.

As if as a reward, when we returned to John’s family’s house we found the peach tree covered in juicy, sunset-coloured peaches. The tree had never born fruit before, so it was a bit of a miracle. I greedily gathered up an armful and brought them home.

In honour of Something You Said’s first birthday, I took my fuzzy little prizes and baked a glorious peach cake. I thought [editor] Bobby deserved a token of my appreciation for welcoming me to the team and giving me this invaluable creative outlet. He can take some credit for the extra boost of confidence I feel in my life since trying something new and taking up writing (a bit like the surprise fun of running a 5K) and he can take all of the credit for starting this awesome website!

cake 2I adapted the recipe from Smitten Kitchen’s delicious peach cupcakes, since I didn’t have foils, and because I like a good old birthday cake. I have to say, it was delicious. I know models aren’t supposed to eat cake, so just pretend you ate it. You have to use your powers of imagination to taste the succulent, sweet and sour peaches in fluffy brown sugar and cinnamon crumb, smothered in cream cheese frosting…

My extremely healthy appetite aside, it’s all in honour of you, Something You Said, I promise! So close your eyes, make a wish, and have a bite. Make sure you don’t show your teeth!

Many Xs and Os,

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