Danielle Sharp Interview: Catching Up

danielle sharp birthdayWhen somethingyousaid.com launched last August, one of the first stories we posted was a Danielle Sharp interview. The interview with with the up-n-coming British model has remained in the top-ten most read stories all year so, in this week of our birthday celebrations, we thought it was high-time we caught up with her: 

Hello again Danielle. It’s been almost exactly 12 months since we last spoke. Has the last year been a good one for you? What have you been up to?
Hello again! It’s been alright, a bit stressful but I’ve finished university now so I’m buzzin at the minute! Ready for summer!

How has university treated you this year? Is it easy to split your time between being a student and being one of the UK’s most popular glamour models?
Oh it’s been fine, I don’t work very often so when I do it’s a bonus really. I definitely wouldn’t call myself one of the UK’s most popular glamour models though!

You’re too modest! As your modelling profile continues to grow, have you had any surreal experiences? Have you hung with any celebs or been recognised doing your shopping in Tesco? That kind of thing…
Nope. Nothing out of the ordinary. How boring is that? But it’s true! I would hate being recognised anyway, I’d probably deny being me, ha ha.

We felt sure you’d say seeing your face on a T-shirt in Primark was surreal! Have you bumped into anyone who was wearing one of those shirts yet?
Oh yeah didnt think of that! I’ve seen people wearing it and that’s mad in itself!

We hear you’re heading to LA in August. What will you be doing over there?
I’m going to have a few acting lessons. And a holiday. Having finished university I think I deserve a little break! And I’ve always wanted to go to America.

Could you ever see yourself moving overseas on a permanent basis, or do you love home too much?
Yes I could, I would always come back though. I love being at home. My family’s hilarious to be around and I love seeing my dogs.

Last time we spoke, you told us what a keen charity shopper you are. What have been some of your best finds over the last 12 months? Have you created any of your own outfits of which you are especially proud?
Recently I’ve been buying things from charity shops just for the material so I can make something else. I’ve been making all sorts… I have more material than actual clothes at the minute. A while ago I found a peg cushion in a charity shop, the material was so nice, so I turned it into a crop top!

danielle stripesHave you had the chance to do much blogging on your own site?
I don’t really blog anymore, I post stuff on Instagram sometimes though. I’ll have one day where I’ll make loads and post it online, then the following week I won’t do anything!

What music has floated you boat over the last 12 months?
Mm, can’t say I’ve been listening to much recently. I just listen to the ‘popular’ track list on hypem.com, so I literally just listen to anything that comes up, it’s boring listening to the same things all the time anyway.

It’s Something You Said’s first birthday this week. What has been your favourite birthday ever?
Happy birthday!! Probably when I was younger and had bouncy castles. It was fun being a kid! Nowadays people just get drunk! Although that’s always fun too.

When we catch up again in a year’s time, what do you hope to be doing? When we spoke before, you told us that you had aspirations to work in the fashion industry and also to act. Are these two things still high priorities?
Yes I guess they are… we’ll see!

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