Photos: David Ford & Jarrod Dickenson

P1040681 put on our first ever gig recently: Jarrod Dickenson and David Ford’s joint headline show at The Hope, in Brighton. Because they/we are awesome, the event completely sold out! It was a brilliant night, although, because England is not prepared for any level of moderate summer heat, the room was HOTTER THAN THE SUN. So much so that David and Jarrod decided to play some of the show in park across the street. It created a lovely, intimate atmosphere and garnered curious looks from passers-by. Some of whom, incidentally, decided to help out with some ‘backings vocals’ as they drunkenly strode past.

Below are a few photos from the Brighton gig, taken by 25ThC (park photo by Dawn Salsbury) and, as this is the week of Something You Said’s first birthday, Jarrod Dickenson kindly sent us this birthday message too:

“I first met Bobby in a small town in the south of England through our mutual friend, David Ford. I soon learned that he “had a website”. Now, a person as cynical as myself generally hears those words, and immediately pictures yet another amateur blogger, starved for attention, calling himself “a writer” and offering absolutely nothing but incoherent ramblings. However, after the first glance at I knew it was not your run-of-the-mill site, and he was far from your run-of-the-mill person. I became and immediate fan of both site and writer. Bobby and the SYS team are dedicated to bringing all that is interesting, artistic, unusual and beautiful to light. The world could use a few more sites like, and a lot more folks like Bobby. Happy Birthday, SYS. Long may you run.”

Thanks Jarrod! We love you too!