Shop: Fresh Socks For your Footsies

socks’s Carol Bowditch is devoted to keeping your toes warm and stylish:

You’d think that after discovering you could buy seven pairs of socks from Primark for two pounds, you’d would be put off buying fancy designer ones. Well, a gal must treat herself from time to time, and socks are generally cheaper than an outfit right? So, I have taken the time to find socks that should be shown off, revealed in a cheeky ankle flash or worn with sandals to the dismay of some.


VANISHING ELEPHANTThe Australian brand have ventured into sock making. The range is a collection of fancy socks for the simple gentleman, with a autumnal colour palette and classic designs these are sure to please any discerning designer sock wearing fella.  
Why we like them?
 Neat designs, we like these tie-dye ones for man and woman!
Need them? Head to their website.
How much? $15



New to the sock scene, Democratique are the brainchild of Danish dudes that saw a hole in the market for high quality, reasonably priced, stylish foot covers.
Why we like them? You can design your own socks that may be chosen to be put into production.
Where? Here at their website.
How much? Under $15



strathcona stockingsI once had a pair of tie-dyed stockings that I bought from a Chinese marketplace a few years ago, they were so sick, until a clumsy spell put a big whole in the knee. Doh’! You can get a similar hole free pair from Strathcona and have strangers compliment your pegs on the street.
Why we like them? They have a great range of high quality digital prints with designs varying from pineapples, to floral, to aztec.
Need them? Head to their website and check out their awesome Tumblr while you’re there.
How much? For stocking connoisseurs – around $40

nori socks2

The Taiwanese based sock brand boasts that they will “Colourful your feet” with their brightly designed socks that all have stories to accompany their prints.
Why we like them? For the bold, colourful prints and the stories describing the socks that are quite darling and would make for a good point of conversation. For example, the Apple Pie socks (pictured above, right) are described as:
“Apple Pie is a symbol of the American culture.  In a newspaper that was published in WWII publicized that “pie-eating people can not vanquish.” Some reporters even asked the US soldiers what do they fight for, and it was said that some soldier actually answered “for mother and apple pie”.
Need Them? Get them at the source, or here if it’s all too confusing for you.
How much? Under $20



Hasel from Basel socks are playful in design and creators have experimented with different textures and lightweight cottons to make extremely happy socks for cool ladies’ feet. 
Why we like them:
The amount of polka dots in the range makes us feel good. It’s also nice to see semi sheers that aren’t just for my nan.
Need them? Head to their website.
How much? $17-50 (for socks and stockings)

*All prices are approximate in Australian Dollars, treat yo self.

Words by Carol Bowditch