Music video: Introducing Kwes

We trust The Guardian pretty much unequivocally, so when they describe someone as “The junior Brian Eno of experimental UK pop,” that artist is guaranteed our attention. When our buddies at Time Out talk of, “Dark whirring synth textures, falsetto psych-ish vocals and a cavernous retro-electric beat, like an 808 recorded in an air hanger,” we’re pretty much drooling.

Introducing Kwes. A guy who has been really busy since the release of his Meantime EP last year. He’s toured with Bobby Womack’s band which led to an appearance on The Jimmy Fallon Show. He’s also worked with Micachu and pseudo-Cockney Damon Albarn, as well as being sampled by Kanye West. Not a bad CV for an emerging artist.

Kwes describes his own musical style as ‘Free-Pop’ which he defines as “pop songs or music that can go anywhere, and they can sometimes be very noisy, very quiet or somewhere in between. It’s more an ever-changing creative processes with a few constants than a musical style.”

Have a listen to 36 (above), taken from upcoming album ilp,which is released in October.