Video: Can Music Get You Laid?

Check this. Reggie Watts conducted this Socio-Musicology Experiment: Can Music Get You Laid? You would think the answer to be firmly within the affirmative. After all, why else would approximately 80% of dudes even consider picking up a guitar in the first place? Because knowing how to play three chords somehow makes otherwise kinda ugly fellas attractive to the opposite sex. Go figure.

But the question here is, can music in itself get you laid? Not being in a band. Not being a DJ. Just music. Does music itself have that power? Find out in the video above. The bit that made us laugh the most was…

“What’s your favourite bodypart?”
“On you? I like your glasses.”
“That’s not a bodypart.”
“No… I like your bow tie.”
“That’s not a bodypart.”

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