Lego builds the Sydney Opera House


Who doesn’t love Lego? Boring people, that’s who (or perhaps people who accidentally trod bare-footed on Lego pieces as a kid and got shooting pains up their leg – ouuchhhhhh). Anyway, we love Lego and we love the aesthetic of the Sydney Opera House too, so when you combine the two… excitement overload!

The new official Sydney Opera House model goes on sale today and to celebrate its arrival Lego Australia has replicated two iconic images (one of which was taken by our mate Daniel Boud) of the Opera House out of Lego bricks, to coincide with the 40th anniversary of the famous Aussie landmark.

Lego Design Manager Specialist on the model Jamie Berard told us: “Over eight million people visit the Opera House each year and it has been a great honour and challenge to be tasked with helping immortalise the famous structure in Lego bricks. It’s wonderful to think about the millions of hours of fun people will spend building it for themselves around the world!”

We’re going to request that Lego next make a Sydney Harbour Bridge complete with NYE fireworks, so we can have our own New Year’s Eve display at home and avoid the gazillion awful drunk backpackers that converge on the city. Or a nightbus to Newtown that actually turns up when it’s supposed to. No, actually that one’s a bit too far-fetched.