Interview: Getting to Know Lauren Webster

lauren webster catches up with Lauren Webster, a young creative type from Sydney, working under the alias of Lauren & The Lost Boys. She delves in art-making, styling and blogging and is excited to be on the arts lineup for the FBi turns 10 Celebration at Carriageworks, in Sydney on Sunday. We find out gets her creative juices flowing, in her own words+: 

Lauren & The Lost Boys is my excuse to act like I’m not a grown-up.

Art-making for me is what I jump out of bed for! It has become less of an entity of itʼs own and more just an extension of my meanderings through life. So much of what I do day-to-day, what I read, listen to, how I feel, what I wear, itʼs all more likely than not informed by my art and vice-versa.

I’d like to collaborate with anyone.Bring it on! I love collaborating. I would like to do more work lending my line and my aesthetic to fashion projects, more large scale public spaces and interiors and even musicians. I have always been really into music. In high school I wanted to be a band music photographer. I have always loved the idea of working on album artwork and music videos. I have some fun collabs up my sleeve for later this year so will keep you posted on the blog!

LAUREN WEBSTER - Google Chrome 28082013 80859 PMI take inspiration from the past and the present but not so much the future. Inspiration is everywhere and itʼs a hard one to define. Iʼm always searching to be moved visually and emotionally by scouring bookshops, galleries, fashion mags, vintage stores, by being in new places and listening to good music. People can be extremely inspiring. When you find people like this, lock them down!

I spend too much time making tea. I canʼt help but laugh when I think about how many hours all my tea making activities must add up to. I drink it constantly.

It might surprise people to learn that…
1. I have parallel scars on my knees from insisting on wearing a dress with my boots to a rodeo as a little kid… long story.
2. I would quite like a vintage car. Donʼt ask me what, just something old and pretty.
3. Iʼm on a mission to teach myself the harmonica before the end of the year.

I’ve been listening to The Velvet Underground, Gang of Youths, Bob Dylan (a lot of Dylan), Elvis Perkins In Dearland, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Lanie Lane, Jack White, Bears with Guns, Leonard Cohen, The Drums, Tim Buckley, Father John Misty, Rodriguez and Foxygen. To name a few…

In the future, I will be running around barefoot in a whirlwind of prolific art-making, driving a sexy black vintage car, playing harmonica and drinking tea.

If you’d like to see her doing a live collaboration alongside artists Alex Lehours, Mulga and Sprinkles at the FBi shindig which has an impressive musical lineup as well, it’s at Carriageworks on September 8. For all on Lauren Webster, have a peep over at her website, or recently her launched blog

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