Transform a Room with Accessories

image courtesy of The Selby offers some useful pointers about how to transform a room with accessories:

If you want to give your home a bit of a decorative lift without going to the effort and expense of a full makeover, using accessories is an effective and affordable way to get the job done. You can use pretty much anything, from cushions to wall art, in order to accessorise a room; all you need is a bit of creativity and a bit of imagination. Here are some ideas to help you get started:

Lamps decorate a room, not only by looking good, but also through the light that they emit. And as every lamp will produce a slightly different level and quality of light, the first step is to find the lamp that’s right for you. Floor lamps make fantastic living room accessories, giving instant height and details to a room. In bedrooms you can easily use desk or table lamps to add a soft glow to the space.


Much more affordable than re-carpeting and just as effective in terms of adding colour and style to a room, rugs are fantastic interior design tools that you can use to accessorise any room. Choose a bright, bold rug if you want to add a splash of vibrant colour, or you could match your rug to your curtains or other soft furnishings for a more subtle look.



Curtains affect not only the way that a window looks, but also how the light enters the room. You can therefore change the look and feel of a room easily and quickly by replacing old curtains or even adding blinds. Choose light, neutral curtains if you want to let them fade into the background, or select thick, heavy curtains for a real statement piece.

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Go Seasonal
If you like to change the look and feel of a room on a regular basis, an easy way to choose your accessories is to look outside and reflect what the seasons are doing. In the spring, you can fill your home with greenery, daffodils and light, airy colours. In the summer, place wild flowers around your home. When autumn rolls around, use the warm, natural tones of the harvest to accessorise and during the winter months, use Christmassy paraphernalia to add a splash of colour.

Accessorising your home is an easy and fun way to stamp your personality on it. So use whatever you have to hand in order to create a fantastic design scheme that will be perfect throughout the entire year.