Music Video: Mikhael Paskalev, I Spy

After causing a stir with his music in his motherland of Norway, Mikhael Paskalev has nothing to hide for new audiences around the world. With the track having already hit platinum and receiving awards as a Best New Artist, Mikhael displays an air of comfort with his success in the video for I Spy.

The handsome Scandinavian with an envy-worthy quiff/facial hair combo dances around like a goof sans-pants in I Spy, there’s some Tom Cruise in Top Gun references in there too, just for good measure. Romantically shot in black and white, Mikhael boogies in his Y-fronts to his indie track comfortably, all while wine bottles and neat decor are smashing at altered speeds around him.

If you’re not completely satisfied with the amount of crotch that you saw in the video here’s some supplementary material plucked from the artist’s Facebook.

Words by Carol Bowditch