Interview: Getting To Know Audego

audego recently gave you the heads-up about a free download and brilliant video from Melbourne’s Audego. We dug it so much that we wanted to find out a little more about the two-piece. Here they are, in their own words:

Audego is Big Fella and Pasobionic.

“Beneath The Static and The Low” is a sonic breakdown of bashing and stumbling drums, woozy and sweet production, phatty bass interlaced with old school harmonies, all framing Big Fella’s slippery and delicate vocals.

We’re currently listening to Frank Ocean. Rinse and repeat. His melodic changes and his tone are incredible. We’re also in love with Earl Sweatshirt. The whole Odd Future crew seem kinda awesome.

We spend too much time on Reddit. It’s so addictive. Paso is just a lurker, but Big Fella has an account and stuff. We also spend too much time watching TV shows and cartoons. We can watch endless amounts of Louie. That show is the shit. We just want to give that guy a big hug.

Melbourne is full of good stuff. Good coffee, good food, cool art and awesome music. Musically, we’re really into Friendships, and Texture like Sun are really cool too.

It might surprise people to learn that Big Fella cannot ride a bike. Her latest attempts resulted in pedestrian harm and deep shame that she is still working through. Paso, however, is quite a skilled unicyclist. He goes out every Sunday in his unitard and impresses all the local ladies. Nah, but he’s an amazing artist. He’s a really good painter and drawer. He does most of the design stuff for Audego. Big Fella was also in two Uncle Tobys commercials in the 90’s.

In the future we just want to keep dropping albums. We’re in it for the long haul. We made a choice a while ago, that even if everyone hated us, we’d just keep putting stuff out regardless, in spite of everyone. We’d be like, “fuck you, here’s another album” until we die. We would also like to play some cool shows overseas and just gig more in general.


Audego’s new LP is out this month. Keep up to date with the duo on Facebook

bobby townsend


Interview by Bobby Townsend